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 decoration porcelain



The PEGAS v.o.s.firm
has dealt with manufacturing cut glass since 1993
Our products are processed with high-quality computer technology and the whole production cycle is totally emriromentaly friendly.
All products have certification of health safety issuued by the Main enviromental health officer of Czech republic.
Our presentation on our websites represents only a part of our production programme, which contains tousands of possible decors that have been created during the years of the firm existance and thatis why it is not possible to present all of them on these web-sites.
What we mainly do
is decorating drink glass and accessories ie bottles, jung, bowls, vases, cps,....

Processed decors can be diveded into several sections.
Firms and compamies logos,
hotels and restanrants logos,
stade emblems, heraldries, town an country emblems,
hunting motives, ornamental decors,
decors for anniversares and jubileea,

Further we manufacture hand-made cut glass, decorated with gold or color listers.
All bypes of decors can be processed on different types of glass, on different sizes and optionaly different colours according to the customer´s wish. Our customers, satisfied with our products, are not only from the Czech republic, but also from abroad-  Germany, France, Norway, Russia, USA, Spain.

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 PEGAS, v.o.s.Palackeho 395, 541 01 Trutnov  
provozovna Husitska 94/40, 417 41 Krupka tel/fax +420 417 822 750
mob. +420 603 833 722 Miroslav Kalasek, mob. +420 604 213 393 Jana Stupková
e-mail: pegas.glass@volny.cz